Device found under steering wheel in new to me FFE

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Hmm, the picture is not visible. But....

I found a vehicle tracking device under the dash of my 2017 FFE. A bit unsettling, but I believe it was a fleet tracking device, not specific to the individual driver, me. I removed it, and tossed it into the garbage. I tried to find out who had contracted its use, but the manufacturer's website was quite useless, and I did not feel in the mood to do some social engineering.

Thanks for fixing the link to the photo. Nope, mine was up under the dash, and was a larger,flatter package. Yours might be a tracker as well, but it seems to be intentionally mounting in a readily accessible area. Maybe it is an interface? Like those old ignition immobilizers of the 70's and 80's? You had to stick a little circuit board "key" into a connector to enable ignition.

If I did not know better, I might think it was an OBDII extension. Just remove the cap and plug in. But since I can't be there to see if that is really a cap or not. Who knows what it is for?
I think it is one of those alarms they try to sell you when you buy the car. The dealers use them while the car is on the lot, and when you buy the car, they try to sell it to you and a way-marked-up price. If you bite, then they give you a fob and enable the alarm. If you don't, they disable it without uninstalling.

My guess is that the previous owner opted out. You could probably remove it if you wanted to. I'm relatively certain that's what it is, but not 100%. My wife's car has a disabled one and a truck I own has an enabled one.