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New member
Jul 11, 2023

First time posting here. I am considering buying a 2018 FFE. It has 48,000KM and is loaded with options, it seems in excellent condition.
I see quite a few posts about coolant leaks for the battery pack but would than not be covered till 2028 on this car? Other than that, should I be concerned/looking for things? It is a very clean car and the range would fit my daily needs as I have a ICE vehicle for long trips.


Someone else may be able to confirm, but I believe the main cause for that was addressed when they changed to the higher capacity pack in 2017.

But provided you have warranty coverage, that would be one of the things that is covered - usually after they spend a month trying every other thing they can.
I believe the HV battery warranty is only 8 years in the US. Dunno about other countries.
I may be wrong but I don't think they did much when going from the 23 kWh to 33.5 kWh pack other than switching to higher density cells. I have read about at least one 2017+ that has the dreaded battery coolant leak so I'm not so sure they really fixed anything..