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Feb 20, 2024
Hey FFE owners,

I am considering getting a 2016 FFE with 34k miles. Dealer has it priced at $7500 and it would only be $5250 after the tax credit. I test drove it last night and all seems great, but I am worried about the battery coolant leak issue that is know. What seems to be the estimated life span on FFE batteries? If I can get another 15-20k miles out of it I think I wouldn’t be upset…
Based on the posts here, I think you should be ok. The 8 year battery warranty should transfer over, so you might have some warranty left.
I did something similar. I'd say go for it. Just keep in mind that the tax credit has an income limit of $150k AGI for a joint filing couple. The price seems fair in any case.
Also we only use our FFE as a backup to our '23 VW ID.4, so the FFE does not get daily use.
We very much enjoy the car, but regret that the last owner neglected to update the modem to 4g. Consequently the MyFord app is useless to us. Again, as a backup car, that's not a problem.
Happy trails!
I would recommend against it. The issues with the battery leaking occur too frequently, and any remaining warranty won't last very long. The warranty on my 2017 is up in early 2024, so I can't envision how that 2016 would have much warranty remaining. It also lacks DCFC. Timely dealer service is very iffy. Some people get refurbished packs and some get buyouts. Ford doesn't want to support this vehicle. I see Chevy Bolts for under $15,000. I think that would a superior alternative and would suggest going that route.
Jghall00 suggests a Bolt. Aside from the large difference in cost, I can vouch for the Bolt as an excellent little car. We drove a 2020 Bolt Premium for three years and loved the car. If you can find one that has already had its battery pack replaced, at a price you can afford, then I would agree with jghall00's advice.
But if your goal was to have an EV you could try out at a bargain price, then the FFE could indeed be your best option.
Our 2017 FFE has DC charging capability, but because of how we use the car, we tend to use the L1 charger that came with the car,, or the L2 charger we use for our VW, charging in our garage.
Given the limited range of the FFE, you aren't going to be tak8ng any long road trips anyway!