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grossebrebis said:
I've ordered a 2014 FFE in mid october and the dealer call me 2 week afer to told me thats going to be a 2015. I've spoke to the dealer this week and he gives me the VIN number of my new FFE2015, and told me that I'm gone have my car mid feb 2015. I've done search to find where i can track my car by the VIN and find this site. http://www.etis.ford.com/vehicleSelection.do The site told me build date nov 30 2014. Hope it will help you.

Sorry for my english not my first language. Im from Montreal Canada

With a build date of Nov 30 I would think you would have your car in early January unless customs holds things up. You can also message Ford Serivce on twitter if your dealer doesn't give you status updates.