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Dec 18, 2014
Hi, I live in the SF Bay Area and am ready to sell my 2014 FFE. We have listed it on facebook marketplace. Any suggestions on where else to list it? Here is the post with details:

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You could post on craigslist and autotrader. Its a pretty car. But I think you are going to have to get creative to sell it at that price. For the Bay Area, you are not asking a lot, but most people don't even know what an FFE is so you have to push its advantages.
Aside from tires and wipers, it effectively never needs service.
Its more luxury than a same year Leaf or I Miev.
And it doesnt look like an electric car.
The battery replacement might sound like a negative, but that is a plus, so push that.
Also, your expected range for what looks to be 90% SOC looks somewhat low. Do some city driving in this nice weather to get a more representative range. Don't heat or air conditioning.
When was the battery replaced? You might have gotten a larger capacity pack. If that is the case, someone here can tell you how to get 50% more range.