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Mar 10, 2022
Greetings all!

Looking for some help in determining if I should buy an FFE. A local dealership is offering a 2014 FFE w/ 34k miles for $10.9k. It is extremely clean and only had one owner who used in the city for small daily drives. My concern comes into play when considering the age of the car and battery and the fact that the battery is no longer under warranty.

Hence, to all FFE owners who are willing to answer, HOW LONG DID YOUR 2012-2014 FFE BATTERY LAST? How many miles / years did it last? If you have replaced, how much did it cost and why did you replace it? I was quoted by Ford dealership that a new battery for this VIN would be 13k. So at 8 years old I am skeptical. Currently it gets about 63-65 miles per full charge, and was noted during receivable inspection that battery life is approx. 80-85%.

I really like the car, it would be 2nd car for a 13 mile daily commute to work (one way). But skeptical given age and possibility of electrical issues in the future.

Thanks for any time and effort put into your reply! 🙏🏽
Don't buy it unless you can afford to throw away the car at any given moment. The batteries should be good for 100K plus but many have experienced coolant leaks in the battery that have killed the batteries. Ford offers a refurb battery for $13k plus more to install it. So it's a throw away car if something major fails. Also it can take months to get parts from ford even if you are willing to pay to keep your car alive. Also the motor, gear box, and inverter are 1 unit (TCM). Ford will not repair any of these components. Their only solution is to replace the TCM which will also cost more than you paid for the car.

I bought my '14 FFE new and love it but knowing about Ford's abysmal support and likelihood of failure outside of warranty I wouldn't buy one expecting it to last any longer than the 8 year warranty.
Thanks triangles! I was unaware of the TCM being all one unit. I don’t think I will go for it, as much as I want to bc it is so clean and low mileage. But I cannot fathom shelling at out the cost of the car plus another few thousand $ if one of those were to go out.

aswilliams131. Financially I think you made the right choice. It would be a different story if they had made hundreds of thousands of these cars and you could readily find salvage parts to fix them but they made less than 10K of these cars in all the years of production.
Don’t buy it. I bought two new 2013 FFE’s. One battery failed at ~75K miles under warranty at the 7 year mark so I got a free replacement. This car is still going strong with the new battery. The second FFE battery failed at 72K miles after the 8 year warranty time frame so no free replacement. Was quoted $20K to replace. Had to scrap the car since there are no viable replacement battery options.