Why does the forum go down at times?

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Sometimes I cant access the site for hours and when I eventually can my login has been reset and I have to enter my info again. It seems random but last night at 1130 est was one of those times. It was down for a while and I just gave up eventually. Does this happen to anyone else?
I run a forum for my motorcycle. It's on a shoestring budget (my wallet) with the cheapest hosting I can find. Since it looks like this forum is solely supported by two banner ads, the forum owner probably has the cheapest hosting they can find too. The cheapest hosting doesn't have a near 100% up time like most commercial websites. That's probably why it goes down from time to time. Either that or the owner takes it down for maintenance periodically... Probably a combination of both. Also most server maintenance is done in the middle of the night so that's probably why it was down at 11:30 although that does seem to be a bit early for that sort of thing. I'd expect 12:30-3:30am a more likely timeframe for maintenance.
again today around 3 pm est.

So, am I the only person who has had to sign in alot lately because the site has purged my auto-login info?
No. It is happening to me as well, and likely others. Since we don't pay anything for this, I don't think we have grounds for complaining. In fact, this is one of the more stable forums I belong to.

The admin also posted in another thread that the forum is in the process of being upgraded, and to expect some interruptions for the next few days.

Be patient. Be tolerant. Be happy........
Actually, its the fact that the site has never given me any problem that prompts my question. Im not complaining, just checking to see if it was just me or my ip or whatever. Since it appears that its happening to everyone, I guess its just some upgrade or something. I will be happy. :D