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Apr 6, 2015
I have a 2017 FFE, with an 8 year Ford Premium Care zero deductible warranty.

Been a member of the forum for some time, and have come to this possible conclusion.

I should dump my FFE BEFORE the warranty expires, because if it's after the warranty, and I experience a coolant leak, I have a 2 ton WORTHLESS paperweight sitting in my driveway.

Is that a "correct" conclusion? Your thoughts?

Or the other way to look at it is that you got your purchase value out of your car for 8 years. Everything beyond 8 years is a free bonus until it dies.

I intend to keep my '14 FFE until it's eventual death. I view every day past the my 8 year warranty that expires in November as a bonus. The car has practically paid for itself in gas savings alone.

It isn't completely worthless when it dies. At a minimum a Junk Yard will give you a few hundred for it. You could probably make more by harvesting the battery cells if you have the skill set to do that without electrocuting yourself and selling them to the DIY crowd.

It is hard to justify keeping it as a second car though when Ohio charges a $200/year tax on it.

Back to your point, 100% the FFE is a disposable car outside of warranty. Especially since there are no economically viable battery repair/replacement options.
Call me crazy!! I’m in the same boat as you are. I will reach 100k first. (Probably with a couple months to go on warranty!) My thought is to bypass upper pack hoses prior to a leak happening!? Say at 99,999… Another member suggested putting moisture sensors in the pack and at the first hint of moisture bypass the hoses. Just a thought because we will be way ahead dollar wise and I really like the FFE. And California gas is 559 today…
So what about getting an extended warranty for the battery? Is that possible?
Even if it was a $1000 for an additional 5 years, that would be great insurance.
Had to say goodbye to my 2013 FFE about a year ago. Lasted about 8.5 years. Battery coolant leak.
I had intended to keep my 2016 FFE for some time. I had purchased an eight year, $50 ESP which was set to expire in August 2025. Ford Consumer Affairs contacted me in February after reviewing the repair history on my FFE and determined I qualified for the repurchase/replacement program under the terms of the California Lemon Law. I chose the replacement option. This option was best since I initially leased the FFE in August 2017 and purchased it at the end of the lease term in 2020. I received nearly the entire original MSRP (less $900 for usage/mileage from when the first applicable repair) toward a new Ford vehicle of my choosing. I took delivery two weeks ago on a new 2022 Escape plug-in after waiting several months for the special order.