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Jan 25, 2023
I have an issue where a certain time remains for the value charge. I have gone in and changed the times and days, and even have swapped out the 12 volt battery. Any thoughts?


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GrantD, unfortunately that program has expired. Unsure if Ford would allow a dealer to order the modem for you at this point. It was for Sync3 cars (2016-2018) only.
Contact the dealer who did your upgrade. I think I was the guinea pig as I kept complaining to my dealer until it was fixed. Ford pushed an update to my car (and several others here) that fixed the issue.
I lost Value Charging and Go Times when my FFE got the 4G modem in March 2022. It was bad TCU code causing it.

The other noticeable effect is that the charge time estimate is totally bogus. It started as being "5 minutes" regardless of SOC, but has occasionally changed a bit, but still pretty much random and arbitrary. If Value Charging showed as enabled, the start time would show correctly, but the finish time would be the bogus charge now estimate (e.g. start at 11:00 pm finish at 11:05 pm). Regardless of whether Value Charging shows as enabled, charging starts immediately.

I was told by Ford that it would be fixed by the summer, but it wasn't. I started hearing of those getting the fix by November 2022, but I never got it OTA.

The car was at a dealer for A/C work early in the summer last year and I asked about them doing the update (had to explain it was the TCU and not Sync!). I had the bulletin about the modem program being extended to July as it explicitly describes this issue for the FFE.

They checked with Ford to find it would not be covered, but I should have asked the cost as someone in the US said it cost them $30.

I'll be taking my FFE into my own dealership for its 144,000 km check in the next month and I'll try to convince them to do the TCU update for as little or no cost.
My FFE was in for the 144,000 km service check yesterday and I asked for them to do the TCU update.

For $159.95 I got back Value Charging, Go Times, and a reasonable estimate in the display of how long it will take to charge.

Now I just got to see if Ford's customer service is willing to reimburse me for paying for something they should have provided OTA or in person for free in the first place.
If it helps, the dealer did NOT update my car to fix the issue. It was pushed over the air by Ford.