Thump + jolt when going from power to regen

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Jun 25, 2023
Hi All,
Whenever I go from power to regen, there's a noticeable bump/jolt. It's most noticeable at low speeds (like when driving through a parking lot) where it's also accompanied by a low thump/thud from the front end. Any idea what this might be?
Yeah, the whole motor can rock back and forth several degrees and will push one way when outputting and get pushed the other when in regen. Even with good motor mounts you're likely to hear it at low speed, but if mounts are going bad it may sound worse.

If you park on a level surface, leave the handbrake off and pop the hood, you should be able to push the car back and forth while watching and listening to see what's making the most noise. There can also be issues with the transmission output.