thinking of buying my 2017 FFE when the lease is up ...

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Oct 3, 2019
Hi all, I am thinking about buying my 2017 FFE after my lease is up. I barely drove it (only 20K miles so far) and I do like the car. The residual value is about $11K, do you think that's a good deal? I am a bit concerned that I am not getting a great deal given the car is now discontinued and I am sure a lot of 2017 FFE will be coming off leases and will be sold for cheaper. Thoughts?
Nope, not a good deal. And you'll most likely pay sales tax again (depends on the state you live in).

I can't recall off the top of my head if you can negotiate the cost with Ford or if it's set in stone.

Should be under $10k.
A data point......about a year ago I received $11,500 in trade-in for a 2015 FFE with 38,500 miles. And before somebody runs off and says I got a higher trade-in value because I got screwed on my purchase price, this was a trade-in for a vehicle where the manufacturer doesn't negotiate on price.
I would check used car prices on CarGurus and Does the car serve your needs? Would a newer model with a longer range be a better choice? It all depends. The cost of new will be more. Sales tax should not make a difference-pay it regardless. The range of 100 to 125 miles serves me well. Great local commuter and charges overnight just fine. For local driving, I now have zero range anxiety. Would love a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus when lease is over, but test drive revealed my inability to use touch screen with my Parkinson’s right hand while driving. I need buttons and switches. I had a hard time getting in and out of Model 3. Tesla’s rep worked with me - seat all the way back and steering wheel in and up. It had to be due low sitting position. No problem with Ford Focus Electric. Parkinson’s disease might lead to purchase this one. My cost will be $7,917 after 18 more months @ $180. Insurance cost is higher for Model 3. A big plus for me is the CD player! I did purchase an extended warranty at time of lease. I really like the look of this car. The mirrors are awesome-no blind spots.

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