There are so many charging piles, but my electric car cannot be charged, what should I do?

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May 20, 2016
The Valley of the Sun
You had a failure while charging and you got a battery replacement. How was it a waste of time?

It sounds like you haven't tried to charge since, out of fear it will break again - what guidance are you looking for?
It's good to know that Ford was able to replace the battery and bumper for you. While charging infrastructure has come a long way, there are still occasional glitches that can happen, especially if the charging equipment is not properly maintained or if there are compatibility issues between your car and the charging station. Some car news portals like offer reviews and ratings of charging stations in different areas, which could be helpful in planning your trip. One thing you could consider doing is researching charging stations ahead of time to ensure that you have the right kind of connector and that the station is compatible with your car.