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Aug 16, 2011
Toledo, Ohio
In case anyone is interested in the Scangauge. They have a special firmware just for us. Unfortunately you have to buy direct from then or if you already have yours I think you can pay something like $25 for them to update the special FFE firmware. Below is what the emailed me showing what parameters are available.
Hello. We do have a ScanGauge firmware that's compatible with the Ford Focus Electric. It's a special firmware with a special connect sequence because the Focus Electric doesn't support the standard OBDII protocols. As such, most standard gauges such as MPH, Coolant Temp, RPM, Etc don't report anything, but the following should work:

CKW - Average Battery Charger Input Power (KW)
ATR - Average Temperature Range (Degrees F)
AGE - Battery Age (Unknown Units)
OTV - Battery Charger Output Voltage (Volts)
SOC - Battery Pack State of Charge (%)
CPL - Charge Power Limit (KW)
DPL - Discharge Power Limit (Watts)
ABV - Hybrid Battery Average Battery Module Voltage (Volts)
HBC - Hybrid Battery Current (Amps)
HBV - Hybrid Battery Pack Voltage (Volts)
CTE - Hybrid Battery Remaining Charge Time - Estimated (%)
CTD - Hybrid Battery Remaining Charge Time - Displayed
HBT - Hybrid Battery Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit)
DBC - Hybrid Battery Variation in State of Charge Between Battery Modules (%)
DBV - Hybrid Battery Variation in Voltage Measurement Between Battery Modules (%)
ETE - Hybrid EV Battery Energy To Empty (kW)

If you do want to purchase this special firmware you will need to purchase the unit directly from us just make sure you indicate you need the Ford Focus Electric firmware in the notes section at checkout of your order.
Does anyone that has the Scangauge 2 know what firmware version it is on? I just found these posts with reference to the special firmware level. I called Scangauge this morning to order one and they had no clue about the special firmware. They asked me to try to find out what the firmware version is to help them narrow it down. Any help would be appreciated.

FYI: I ordered a Scan gauge 3 and it will NOT connect. Scangauge tells me it is not compatible with fully electric vehicles.
ScanGauge II can be set up with PIDs specific to the FFE. I bought mine secondhand from a coworker that had an FFE.

They put him in contact with James DeLong ([email protected])
He was told to send an off the shelf unit to them, and he would custom program it.

No idea if he is still around. And I was not the one that did this.
Thank you for the contact information. I just sent James an email. Now, I'll just have to wait to see if he still works there and if he can help if he is.