Proactive upper battery back coolant bypass? Opinions

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Jan 22, 2022
Wondering on everybody’s thoughts on this topic?
2017 FFE 61k. My focus will be hitting 100k in about 2 years… Question
Would you pull the upper pack coolant lines at 99k drain coolant
And bypass the line before problems arises? Seems like
This is the big issue that can be avoided on these cars…

Thanks for your thoughts!!!
It's 2 years away from 100k and you're considering a bypass at 99K?

If you're going to make modifications, put a moisture sensor in there and deal with it if/when it's needed.
Thanks for the reply!! I have been a home auto rebuilder for years and
I always try to head off design flaws ahead of time!! I never thought of
Using moisture sensors….. would you use one high on the pack and one
Low in the bottom? Time to do some investigating!! Thanks
Yeah what Anti Climax said... You could also use one of those sump pump failure alarms that goes off when it detects water. Personally I keep an occasional eye on the fluid level in my coolant reservoir. I will likely watch it like a hawk after my warranty expires next winter.

If you live in a very moderate climate I suppose you could get away with it, but the added degradation from lack of TMS would be unacceptable to me.
Thanks for the advice!! I think that the humidity sensor is the way to go! 12 dollars for piece of mind!!!!
They are Bluetooth and I would only take a slight case modification to work!!
Thanks !!!!
Hmm, I wonder if you could pull the drain plugs from the bottom the battery packs, and replace them with a short (or long) piece of clear tubing. Block off end of course. That way, you could check the tube so often for the presence of coolant.