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Jun 8, 2015
I noticed today that even though I have my home location set to value charge, it’s on charge now. And if I try to manually change it, I can’t. I hit the up arrow to select value charge, but nothing happens.

Also, I just got a new iPhone and when I tried to open the Myfordmobile app, it would immediately crash. So I uninstalled it and reinstalled. Now, the value charge selector is missing on the home page of the app. I used to be able to set it on the home page of the app.

Any ideas how to fix this?
Same problem in Norway :-( I dont have connection with car from 29/04
Completely any communication. Reset, takeing out fuse 67/71/F1 not helping at all ...
This is a known problem. I am tried it over and over again. I have only found two things that work

(1) Full restore of your car's sync system. Keep in mind that this only works for the initial set of the value charge times. To change them afterwards still doesn't work.
(2) Use the the website and login to change. This is the easiest. If you login online and change value charge time there, they will carry over to your car when you update them.
Yes, it was weird, had the same issue. For some reason my value charge (weekend setting) changed itself from 1am to 12am. I wondered why my electric bill was a bit higher than usual

Unable to change it in the car, I'd hit save and it would act as if I never pushed anything.

Remembered the website (hadn't touched it in years) changed the settings there and ta da.
I was unable to set & save the "Value Charge" times and my "Go Times" were all greyed out and couldn't be set on my Focus EV 2014.
Pulled & replaced the F1 fuse (in the trunk) and now both functions are working OK.