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Apr 6, 2015
Every once in a while, I get the following message on my screen

Navigation Fault

Navigation is not functioning properly

This can happen on startup, or can occur after I've been driving for a while.

Various dealers have replaced some cable (sorry, don't know which), my APIM, and upgraded SYNC software. No dice.

Any other thoughts suggestions from anyone? Greatly appreciated.
I would be interested in hearing more on this, as it has occasionally happened to me as well. Though it's been several months since this has occurred.

Fortunately, this has only happened a couple of times when I was depending on the navigation system to provide me with a "surplus" range to reach a destination. I believe I noticed when doing that, that the "distance to chargepoint" and "surplus" values remain frozen.

Also, the sound it makes when it happens is as annoying, if not more, than it happening. :eek:
I have seen the "Navigation Fault" from time to time while driving.

I also sometimes get a situation where I'll start the car and the screen stays black indefinitely (and nothing associated with it works either).

These are both easily fixed with a hard reset of the screen, which is performed by holding the "power" and "right arrow / next" buttons for 10 seconds or so. Always does the trick.