FordPass 5.0 & "Climate On Until..."?

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Feb 6, 2018
My FordPass app has updated to 5.0 (iPhone). I would agree that every update seems to lose functionality!

But I'm puzzled by this latest update to 5.0--whenever I open the app & look at my Focus' info, there is a "spinning fan" and it says "Climate On Until..." with some time that honestly seems very random. For instance, in the image below, it says "Climate On Until 4:10" but the actual time is 6:07pm. You obviously can't tell in the image below, but that fan in the blue button is spinning.
When I go out to my Focus, nothing seems to be on at all. No noise, no fan, no nothing.

What does this even mean? :oops:
The FordPass app looks different on my iphone than yours Wind_Driven. Checking, it says it is version 4.31.2, yet when I go to the app store, the version there is 5.0.2, and I cannot download it. The open button is presented, no download or install.

Mine does that when it refreshes, it's been doing that since I got the 4G modem. Honestly I don't even care cause it would be more effort to take it to a dealer and have them look at it than just leave it.
Before the last update, it just said how many minutes remain, which I feel is more useful than the absolute time. I have noticed a number of false "started" status both before and after this update.

Before the update, I noticed a button that said "+15" for my wife's Lightning that allows you to extend the remote start time. This seems to have disappeared.

For my FFE, the same button would appear, but it was labelled "+0" which was sort of like offering a child an ice cream cone and when they reach out to take it, you pull it back and shout, "psyche!". 😥