FordPass 5.0 & "Climate On Until..."?

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Feb 6, 2018
My FordPass app has updated to 5.0 (iPhone). I would agree that every update seems to lose functionality!

But I'm puzzled by this latest update to 5.0--whenever I open the app & look at my Focus' info, there is a "spinning fan" and it says "Climate On Until..." with some time that honestly seems very random. For instance, in the image below, it says "Climate On Until 4:10" but the actual time is 6:07pm. You obviously can't tell in the image below, but that fan in the blue button is spinning.
When I go out to my Focus, nothing seems to be on at all. No noise, no fan, no nothing.

What does this even mean? :oops:
The FordPass app looks different on my iphone than yours Wind_Driven. Checking, it says it is version 4.31.2, yet when I go to the app store, the version there is 5.0.2, and I cannot download it. The open button is presented, no download or install.

Mine does that when it refreshes, it's been doing that since I got the 4G modem. Honestly I don't even care cause it would be more effort to take it to a dealer and have them look at it than just leave it.
Before the last update, it just said how many minutes remain, which I feel is more useful than the absolute time. I have noticed a number of false "started" status both before and after this update.

Before the update, I noticed a button that said "+15" for my wife's Lightning that allows you to extend the remote start time. This seems to have disappeared.

For my FFE, the same button would appear, but it was labelled "+0" which was sort of like offering a child an ice cream cone and when they reach out to take it, you pull it back and shout, "psyche!". 😥
This seems to have disappeared.
They replaced it with a bar that appears that says "Add time to climate" with a button labelled "Extend".

I tried it the other day, not sure if I was going to see the "extended" time or not (beyond 15 minutes) but it turned out someone delayed me long enough and the car was still on! 😃

I do have an issue with calling this "climate". I understand them wanting to change it from "started" since its not like starting an ICE engine. But the heating or A/C will only operate to what it was set last time the car was shut off. If you didn't have either on and just the fan, that's all it turns on. I've had some days when the A/C wasn't previously on, but it's now hot and I would like to cool down the interior before I get there. Turning on "climate" won't do it.

Compare this with "Go Times" where a time and temperature is scheduled. If the vehicle is plugged in, the cabin will be heated or cooled to the scheduled temperature at the time chosen regardless of what the climate system was last set to. Now THAT'S what I would call "Climate".