Cold Air Intakes

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Short answer, No.
Fuel economy and horsepower are opposites, you cannot have gains in both, unless something was exceptionally wrong with the car in the first place.
If you want fuel economy, find a way to increase the output torque of the engine.
If you want horsepower, find a way to lighten all of the moving parts of the engine.
Alternative? Find a cam profile that is for either torque, or for horsepower, and work from there.
More torque, increase your stroke. More horsepower, decrease your stroke.
More torque, constrict your exhaust. More horsepower, open your exhaust.
There is a phrase spoken in motorcycle performance circles, "If you need to throw money at your bike to improve its performance, you started off with the wrong platform."
Cold air intakes, electric superchargers, K&N filters, those stupid black boxes that are just resistors inside and force your engine to run rich, are scams that play to your emotions. You cannot have true performance gains for minimal cost. See above quote.
Sorry to be the wet sock.
Cold air intakes are a joke. A very short distance down the road from a stop your intake temps will be the same as if you had a cold air intake. I can't imagine a cold air intake making any measurable difference. It's kinda like putting a wing on your trunk of your 4cyl. FWD compact car. I do find it funny though that this topic is on an EV forum :lol: