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Aug 22, 2014
SF North Bay
I am selling my 2016 FFE silver with leather interior.
It was hit mildly on both sides and was deemed a total loss by the insurance company.
That was February 2023 and I retained ownership with a salvage title and have been driving it regularly since. It drives fine.
The HV battery is fine. My driving gives 60 miles usable range regularly.
I have a ThinkDiag device and was able to read battery cell health. Pics included.
It has fairly new Nokian One tires.
Clean, California car with 49,xxx miles. Sadly, only the 3G modem.
So, you could just drive it. You could repair the body. Or you could use it as a HV battery donor.


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Hello, I might be interested in your silver FFE can you tell me how much you are asking for it? Thanks.
Hello BBsprint,

I was initially asking $4800, but it is negotiable.
Where are you located? This car is driveable with the 60 mile range expected of an 8 year old BEV.
It may not be worth it if you have to ship the car or even drive it long distance. Unless of course, you have a lot of spare time to charge often.
It is a great driving car even with the body damage.
I do have another local interested party waiting on me. I am out of my home state of California and will contact them when I return to northern California. I should be home before the end of March.

Thanks for your inquiry.

I’m in Ventura CA.
So I moved my FFE from Chico to Fresno (270 miles) using a Uhaul van and the car trailer. This might be the most viable solution. The roundtrip will be an all day event, but definitely do-able.
Someone bought the car as is for a short-range commute car with intention not to repair the damage.
Like I did for a year, he will drive it as is.
Best end result.

No longer available for sale.