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Jan 10, 2014
I had my first problem with my 2014 FFE in 7 years 5 months I have owned it. I was driving home from the store about 2 miles away and get the yellow wrench. The dash just said check manual. Read through and it indicated an issue with the battery and if it continues to take it in. The next day, when I tried to get it going, I got a Stop Safely Now and it was not going to move.

I scheduled an appointment with the Ford dealership. Got it in a week later. Three day later they told me they main batteries needed to be replace but it was still under warranty. Picked it up today after two week in the dealer. The guy said it was the biggest warranty ticket he had worked on. It was $18,000. I think the KBB on it is around $9,000.

I was thinking, shoot they could have kept the car and given me an $18,000 credit on the new E Mustang!

I asked the tech if it was a higher energy density battery. He had no clue. It was just under 1/2 a charge when I picked it up. Kind of curious what the guess-o-meter will tell me my range is tomorrow.

I am glad that got sorted out for you relatively painlessly. I am astounded that they could get the batteries out, receive the replacements, and install them, in two weeks. Maybe with the production of the Mach E, Ford has built up a proper electric vehicle service infrastructure.
Heres hoping you got a 33.5 kW pack. Can you share any of the service documentation that might give a clue as to what was installed? Thanks
They were doing the larger ones for a while and then started doing the smaller ones again. But with it being discontinued, who knows what they're doing now. Fingers crossed you got an upgrade.