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Aug 31, 2016
My 2013 FFE (120K) has begun to not "start" (not getting the green car). When this first happened, I went through turn off/turn on several times until it finally appeared and I was able to drive home. Once home, I turned the car off and could not get the car (green car) to show. I could move the gear shift, but there was not power.

I then disconnected the 12 V battery for a bit, then reconnected. I was then able to get the green light and car would operate. Next morning, I came out to drive car, and it operated normally as I drove two miles to grocery store. When I came back to car to start it, had same issue! I repeated the OFF/ON GAME for about ten minutes and againn, at one point got the green light and was able to return home.

Upon arrival home, I read a few things online and decided to replace a 5V fuse under the glovebox that relates to starter/push button (# 78, if I recall). Got the green light again, and left it alone overnight. Started up normally (I felt so proud that I had "fixed" the problem, and drove 23 miles to work). Turned off car at work and, once again, now the green car will not come back on.

Any thoughts?
The timing for the "Start" is kind of tricky, if you do not wait long enough, it will only power on. So try this:
1. Get in the car and close the door.
2. Press the brake pedal firmly and hold.
3. Wait for at least 1-2 seconds.
4. While holding, press and release the Start button.
5. Wait for the green indicator. Do not release the brake pedal until you see the green indicator.

If this is not working, consider that there might be a problem with the brake pedal switch that senses for the start sequence, and not necessarily the brake light.

UPDATE: Just checked the wiring diagram. The switch for the brake pedal has two functions. When lightly pressed, it open a circuit that is used to suspend cruise control. Press it further, and it closes the circuit to turn on the brake lights. But this is not done directly, it is done through the PCM and BCM. So as a check:
1. Does the cruise control stop working when you lightly touch the brake pedal?
2. Do the brake lights come on consistently and steady when you further press the brake pedal?
A "No" to either question might indicate the problem is with that switch, and consequently, the green indicator.
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I second everything Heima said. When I first got my 2013 FFE it would do that. I retaught myself how to start the car. Has not done it for years. If you have or can access a scan tool, watch live data of brake light switch.
Thinking is may be the 12v battery not holding a charge, which can make certain things "wonky". Checking that out today, and then taking it in to run diagnostics.
Just checked with my 2017 FFE. It seems that if I very lightly touch the brake pedal, the vehicle will start and the green indicator is shown.
So maybe an inspection of the switch is in order.
It appears that if the connector is disconnected from the switch, you can get the green indicator by only pressing the Start button. HOWEVER, you will no longer have a brake light function.
If you install the service manual (find link through search) go to the wiring diagrams, and click on the Turn Signal Stop Hazard Lamps, you can see the circuit for this switch.
12v battery is fine. electrical systems are fine. Gonna have to go in for diagnostics to see if that process can isolate the problem.