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Dec 25, 2010
According to Ford, it's all-new 2012 Ford Focus Electric will save owners $1171 in just servicing costs!

Ford made the calculations by comparing a 2012 Ford Focus Electric to the 2012 Ford Focus gasoline powered version. Using the life of the vehicle (204000kms) as the thresh-hold they highlighted all of the services that do not apply to electric vehicles:

1. 15 oil changes
2. Five air filter replacements
3. Two cooling system flushes
4. One transmission service
5. One drive belt replacement
6. One new set of spark plugs and installation

The total savings on routine maintenance overloosk the most obvious of all savings for an electric car, gasoline! But c'mon, can we really say since the car doesn't use oil we'll save that money?

What about the extra cost of a charging station that you need to install at your house to really make use of the Ford Focus Electric? What about services and routine maintenance on an electric car? There must be some? 240,000kms is a long way to go without greasing the bushings.
They list a transmission service - fair enough, the Ford Focus Electric won't have a transmission, but on the gasoline version of the Focus, the transmission and differential are all one unit. The electric version will need to have some sort of step down gearing as well as a differential to split the power to two wheels, and surely that will need a service in the first 240,000 kms?

A more insteresting comparison is that driving vs charging for the full life of the FOcus EV could save about $20000 at todays current gasoline prices. One has to wonder if electricity prices will go up in the future, but so will gasoline.

Ford says “With an electric drive, there are very few moving parts. And in the Focus Electric, the only moving parts are the motor and the wheels.” What about the air conditioner (if it will have one), the power steering, differential and all of the other moving parts that are the same with both vehicles? Yes, with the engine itself there is huge simplicity compared to a gasoline engine.

So, if you plan on buying the Ford Focus EV and owning it for 20 years, you will most likely save money! Of course, Ford could release the price on the Focus EV and make it a lot more appealing!

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Here are the 25 items that usually require the most inspection, maintenance or replacement during the 10-year / 150,000-mile life of a car that the Ford Focus Electric will never have to worry about:

Air filter
Fuel filter
Fuel injectors/fuel pump
Motor mounts
Motor oil
Oil filter
O2 sensors
Power steering fluid
Radiator hose, lower
Radiator hose, upper
Serpentine belt
Spark plugs
Spark plug wires
Timing belt
Transmission adjustment (automatics)
Transmission filter (automatics)
Transmission fluid or oil
Water pump
Good point! I've never really been a huge fan of Ford, but I feel with the Focus Electric, or any electric vehicle from any manufacturer for that matter, is relatively new and untested territory. I'm not betting any vehicle maker's reputation - whether good or bad - will follow/translate into their EVs.
Peace of mind is worth something though! I love the idea behind electric vehicles, but I have some concerns (maybe not for me in California, but for the general public I guess)... the lack of recharge infrastructure, how it handles in treacherous weather etc. What happens when it dumps snow all day long and you have to drive home? Would it have the power to push through heavy snow? And if so, would that drain the battery?