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Jul 15, 2016
Northern Illinois
I recently purchased my FFE so I no longer need/want my 97 Solectria Force. I bought it a few years ago and drove it just a short time. It needed batteries and I was going to convert it to CALB 100 Lithium batteries. The lead acid gel cell batteries were only 3 years old but took a serious beating by the previous owner. I removed them and scrapped them. So the vehicle needs batteries. The vehicle is in pretty decent shape for a Geo Metro that it is. If anyone wants to know more about the car check out Wikipedia. The car was way advanced when it was built. A real car not a golf cart. With 4 doors and seating for 5. AC drive motor w/ final drive much like the FFE. Even has A/C and a timer for pre-heating the cabin. I'd like to get $3k for it obo. text me @ 630.673.5994 if interested. It has been in the garage so it is out of the weather.
If I had someplace to store it I'd probably be interested. But I don't :( Unless you've got one hell of a discount somehow trying to put in 100Ah LiFePo4 Would be really expensive. I wonder what kind of range that would give you? If I got my hands on some salvage leaf or volt packs, that would make a fun project getting them in that Solectria Force
A quick look and it seems:

50 cells are needed so that's 15kwh
Would cost 6500 for that.
Would weigh 375lbs

Assuming the original batteries were lead cells at 60AH I'd say 60 mile range would be achieved with new tech batteries

interesting how expensive these cars were at the time:
I was planning on 52 CALB 100 batteries.That would raise the voltage a bit. About 400 lbs for the batteries, cables and monitor system. A savings in weight of around 475 lbs. The car has a Brusa NLA512 charger. Previous owner paid over $4K for it. It is programmable to properly charge the CALB batteries. CALB batteries are slowly dropping in price. Leaf batteries are also an option.