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Re: Failed High Voltage Battery

Exhausted, find out the type of failure that it is. If it is a coolant leak, that's one thing; however, it could be a contactor issue like I recently had and that is fixable with relatively little cost and effort.

Dealers will stop at the boundary of the battery when diagnosing. If it is anything inside...even if it would take 10 minutes or $0.10, they don't know and will send it to Ford. My dealer quoted me $14,000 for a replacement. But Forscan and Dealer gave a code for stuck positive contactor....AND...it was a stuck positive contactor. I bought a new contactor on eBay for $140 and did it myself. I also bought safety equipment and insulated tools, but after that, I was somewhat comfortable with doing the work.

I fixed it back in October and it has been working perfectly...but that is my experience; your mileage may vary.

But best of luck with whatever you do.
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Re: Failed High Voltage Battery

We are stronger as a group than as individuals. I am very concerned for people who are buying this vehicle used, and there is at least one media report of a Ford Focus Electric that had battery failure shortly after the car was bought used (https://www.motorbiscuit.com/family-sho ... -than-car/). The replacement cost they were quoted in August of 2022 ($ 14K) is much lower than what I was quoted ($21K for the part alone, with taxes and labor additional), which I attribute to the diminishing number of batteries available since they are not being made anymore.

Numerous inquires to the Ford company about how they plan to treat the early adopters of their technology have been met with absolute indifference.

I've generated a form that can be used to record each of our experiences. I'm interested in reports of cars that are still running, as well as reports of cars that have had battery failure.


Suggestions welcome.

I've also started making comments on social media (twitter, etc) about this problem. I'm very careful to make the distinction between Electric Vehicles in general and Ford Electric Vehicles specifically. I still believe Electric Vehicles are the future of the automotive industry, but the Ford company has clearly made bad design decisions and then abandoned the early adopters of their technology. Potential future buyers of their electric vehicles need to be made aware that the Ford company does not stand by its product.

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Re: Failed High Voltage Battery

My HV battery fail last year on my 2017 FFE and was replaced under warranty
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Re: Failed High Voltage Battery

Ford replaced my battery on my 2013 while covered under 8 year drive train warranty.

How many years would you like ford to cover for?

Have have people I know not able to get engine parts for a car under 5 years old.
It was a bit of a disappointment.
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Re: Failed High Voltage Battery

Is this the type of issue that would be a good candidate for a class action lawsuit? Has anyone contacted any law firms that specialize in this to see what they thought and if they would be willing to take this on?
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Re: Failed High Voltage Battery

I'm no lawyer, but it doesn't seem that likely to me. Thinking of the class action lawsuit for the Ford focus / fiesta double clutch transmission, that still isn't settled and they uncovered documents showing that Ford knew of the issue with that transmission and sold the cars anyway. Lacking proof of intentional deception, it would probably be difficult. Although we want our cars to last forever and they usually do last a long time, the warrantee does not cover our expectations of the life of the car.

But you don't have to let that stop you. Find a good attorney and if they will take the case, you have nothing to lose.
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Re: Failed High Voltage Battery

Yes, I'm one of the current people with a coolant leak (2012 Focus Electric). Mine is in the lower High Voltage pack. I was lucky enough to find a 33.5 kWh battery set and bought them. I'm doing all my own work in garage at home. After replacing both packs, I had to program the BECM and PCM for the larger capacity batteries to be compatible with my 2012 vehicle. After getting that straightened out, I now have codes P0ABB and P0A95. I've gone through the Workshop Manual Pinpoint test and it leads to replacing the batteries again. One of the seps was to inspect their High Voltage Harness for damage and repair/replace the harness if needed. My connectors were brittle, so I decided to just replace the harness. The same codes are still there. I figure it's something with the internal wiring, So I'm taking apart my 23 kWh pack to transfer the internal wiring harness. I plan to see what cells are leaking and might have some spare 23 kWh battery modules for fellow owners or a future project. I might have found a 2013 Focus Electric in California that has coolant on one of the batteries. If I can get mine running again and the California one, I could have twins! I'm in Utah. If anyone out there is looking to sell their Focus Electric or is in need of some High Voltage Battery Pack parts, please let me know.

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