What did you do with your Focus today?

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Dec 17, 2023
I didnt see a thread like this so I thought a general check in thread would be cool.

What did you do to/in your Focus today? Take a trip? Just ride around? Did you work on it?

Let us all know what you did, no matter how small.
I opened the garage door, and just looked at it.

Then I closed the garage door and drove the Metro, because electricity is much more expensive than gas.

I opened the garage door, and just looked at it.

Then I closed the garage door and drove the Metro, because electricity is much more expensive than gas.

Dang. I'm at 5 cents (between 1-5am)
Heima: I see now that you are sour on the FFE you say is in your garage.

To your question, I can say that yesterday, I drove our FFE down the highway to my daughter & son-in-law's house 24 miles away to help with grandkids. My wife was running errands most of the day in our VW ID.4 helping her aging mother, so I was glad to be able to make use of our back-up EV.

I question your math that indicates electricity costs more than gas. Confirmation bias, perhaps?
Ehh yeah. So gas costs $3.59 a gallon, the metro gets 41 miles a gallon, that comes out to under 9 cents a mile. Electricity costs 44 cents a kilowatt, the FFE gets 4 miles per killowatt, 44/4 is 11 cents a mile. That's 22% more. And maintenance is next to nil for both.

Interesting that you assume I am sour. You are also alluding that I am lying. Thanks for the judgement. Guess who just made the top of the list?

If I was sour, why would I own the vehicle for almost 5 years? If I was sour, why would the FFE get the garage while the other vehicles get the driveway? If I was sour, why would I post to this forum? If I was sour, why would I offer information and assistance to others and their problems with their FFEs? And if I had the confirmation bias that you are insinuating, why the fuck would I work for the world's #1 electric vehicle manufacturer? It isn't for the pay and shit hours.

Just because you might get your electric power cheap, doesn't mean I do.
I see ... so you're referring only to the cost of the propulsion energy and not the all-in costs per mile to yourself or the rest of the planet.

As far as the sour comment goes, that was my mistake. That was the first post if yours that I'd seen, and it just sounded a little sour; like you were viewing your FFE as kinda useless. It was an honest mistake. I've since another or two of your posts and realize you're not sour on the car.
I do think your reaction was a little shrill, though, and I don't care about being on anybody's list. But your comment is vaguely threatening.
Well, after having my Ford Focus Electric for 10 years, I decided to trade it in and now LOVE my Tesla Model Y. This was bittersweet since I really liked being an early adopter.
I had TWO Ford Focus Electrics and really liked those cars however it was time to move on to a more practical car.
With the FORD FOCUS ELECTRIC, I would be lucky to get 60 miles on a charge. My LONG RANGE Tesla Model Y goes 330 miles, a HUGE difference.
And with Supercharging, I now can go pretty much anywhere!!
Fun times, Nevesaj! But the fact is, you're still an early adopter!!
Best of luck with your Tesla!!
Thanks!! Yes, my first two all electric cards were FORD Focus Electrics!! I LOVED that car but not the range. Then bought three Chevrolet BOLTS (which I also loved) and now on to the TESLA Model Y Long Range. What a ride this has been. Over 10 years exclusively driving all electric cars (in Pennsylvania, too).