VW E-Golf lacks liquid cooling

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Sep 22, 2013
Los Angeles, CA
The E-Golf lacks liquid cooling according to VW. As far as I'm concerned, this is a fatal flaw. Maybe it will work in Northern Europe, but here in SoCal it would be a real problem. VW says it's not a problem, but so did Nissan.

Looks like their plan is to limit charging rate and cool using the chassis for a heat sink. This may help, but not if the chassis is already hot. And who wants the charging rate limited when it's hot out?
I agree. I hope they'll sell them in MN because I want to test drive one to see what it's like. The Jetta Hybrid is pretty awful. It's not smooth at all in power delivery or regen braking. I hope the e-Golf is better.

VW does seem relatively committed to EVs so I'm optimistic about their cars.
I just saw a Volkswagen commercial for the Golf which multiple times mentioned the eGolf. They talked about all members of the Golf family. I hope VW is serious about EVs.
I drove one. It's pretty darn nice overall. Some things are better than the FFE, and some not as good.

Handles much better. Very composed, even on irregular surfaces.
Variable regen. (3 settings you get by slapping the shift lever lift or right. - Nice!)
Roomier interior. Very spacious back seat.
No battery hump in the cargo area.
DC fast charge port. (Combo)

Not as good:
Not as quick at freeway speed passing.
Seats have to be jacked up and down in typical German fashion.
It "turtles" very early as you approach low battery - limiting top speed, climate, and acceleration.
Really annoying fake motor noise at low speed. (Might as well have made it sound like on old Beetle.)
No voice command.
No USB port. (Couldn't find one anyway.) Has this proprietary cable that allows you to connect only one type of phone at a time.

It's on my short list when my lease is up on my 2012. I'll likely stick with the FFE, but I'll give the eGolf another look.
Rydell verbally quoted $302/mo+tax, $0 drive-off for one with the leather package and Safety Package 1, also in transit to arrive by 2/7. I was all set to go to Rydell to negotiate further in person (I think they had some room to work with), but decided I'd rather get the one in stock (too anxious!) and forego the leather (which, after one week, I really don't miss).
Are you talking about Rydell in Los Angeles? Rydell is a Chevy dealer. Sounds to me like you're talking about a Volt, not e-Golf. From what I can tell, the e-Golf doesn't have an option package called "Safety Package 1", but the Volt does.

Anyway, if it's a 2015 Volt, sounds like you got a good deal... Rydell is currently advertising $330/mo+tax, $0 drive-off for a 2015 el-strippo Volt.
Reading about the fake motor noise on an eGolf forum was why I passed on the Golf and went with the Focus.

It is law that all new hybrids and EVs in the US have to make this noise below 19mph by September 1st, 2019. Half must to be in compliance one year before the deadline.

So 2017-2018 might be the last model year to get a car without this awful "feature."