Upgrade Complete: Updating Software and Moving Servers

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Dec 23, 2010
In short, don't panic if the site is unreachable for a period in the next 5-7 days!

Tentatively planned for March 18, 2022

In order to keep the forum running smoothly, we've decided to upgrade the server that this site lives on. Since the server is so much newer and better, we have to upgrade the forum software to a newer version as well.

1. Disable the forum (you'll see a message and be unable to reach the forum)
2. Copy files to new server
3. Point the domain name to the new server

Once your DNS provider updates the new server information, you'll see the forum again, and that means the transfer is finished and you are good to go!
The update is now complete. We are live and working on the new server!

If you see anything strange, please let us know so we can fix it asap!