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May 12, 2014
San Jose, CA
Doesn't look like there is much solid evidence, but a few outlets are running stories:

Even if it is true, seems unlikely we would get it in the US....crossovers are all we hatches only go to Europe.
Yea especially since ford has abandoned all cars for NA. Although I consider the bloated oversized hatchbacks they call "SUVs" and "Crossovers" to still be cars. Hopefully by the time I need a new car in 10-15 years the crossover fad will have faded into obscurity. I think I'd rather drive a minivan than a crossover. At least then you'd have usable cargo capacity...

Anyway back on topic. I think ford will have their hands full electrifying their current fleet and be too busy to bring back an electric Focus for NA. Although I could see something Focus like for Europe based on the VW's MEB platform.