Road trip 650km Langley, BC to Revelstoke, BC

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Akua said:
I was planning on it for occasional use.... But now not sure...

On another side note: I have to silly questions-
1) In the trunk there is a cargo net, but I have no idea where its suppose to connect to at the 4 points? If you know show me a photo?
2) Under the hood at the top near the windshield are what appear to be 2 vents, what are they for? I may have accidently got water in one when I was washing the car...

Thanks again,

1) didn't get a net with our 2017. I think it got in there by accident.
2) fresh air intake vents to the heater core I believe.

New update folks, there is a charging station under construction as we speak at Britton Creek, right near the old toll booth area:

I will be swimming in Okanagan lake more often this year ;)