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Sep 27, 2019
I drive an Electric Focus. I live out in the middle of nowhere. Cold in the winter, Hot in the summer, thirty miles away from a Ford dealer. I have a college degree, two years diesel training, and I burn more leaves in one season at my house than most people will burn in their lifetime. I have built several engines including air cooled VWs. And most of all, I have driven the Tesla Model S with a heavy foot. My Focus is a base model( fully loaded), frosted glass color, all stock Electric Lease at 268.00 plus va taxes, plus wear tear and About 25 extra a month for about fifty thousand mile/ .20 per additional mile. Thirty six month lease. Why buy when ford will buy my next battery. I would buy a tesla though. Would you keep your cell phone or your laptop longer than six years? Better yet , would you expect to get a lot of money for it if you do try to sell after six years? Then don't buy an electric car! It is the same concept. I mean , the drivetrain will last forever! And with only a few moving parts , it is easily repaired. But you are not buying a car as much as you are buying a battery. Technology is getting ready to hit a time warp!! Don't get stuck with anything for to long. My 2013 focus electric will be relic of the past in a couple years. Consider these, (lithium air-Bill Gates and IBM, Flow Battery-General Electric, hydrogen Fuel Cell battery, and Sodium Air.) These are in production right now and will make heavy lithium ion obsolete, very very quickly. Two of these are in the area of 1000 miles per charge, the others , 249 plus per charge. Just think of it like you would a cellular phone, charger and all. A lease payment would be like the phone contract and the car is like the upgrade or free phone. Do the math, leasing a Ford focus electric should be like driving a car that is paid off that requires gas, oil changes and expensive services. Service is grease and tire rotation every twenty thousand miles. Any questions ?