Newish FFE owner, Chkin in! 60k miles

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Jan 12, 2020
Through a grant with some outfit arm of the California State Government, I was able to buy a used 2013 FFE with 50k on the dial for slightly over $800 usd if I turned in a gross polluter. Which I did. Bye-bye 5.0 Explorer dog.

6 months later and almost 10,000 miles I continue to marvel at this Focus. Not only does it haul ass, but it is also a pretty car. And get a lot of stares. One guy with a Hemi dodge pickup drank a whole lotta gas last summer trying to keep up with the Focus from stoplight to stoplight. I think I used 1 mile.

I enjoy this car so much, I just bought a C-Max.

Ford appears to be honoring their warranty. I have my fingers crossed that the coolant will leak. I am about 2 years out before the battery warranty goes south., If and when we get close where the warranty is going I might try to buy a backup battery somewhere. Not sure who is refurb'n the battery's but that always will be an option.
You can't get a battery replacement from ford outside of warranty. Unless you are dumb enuff to fork over $20K+ for a replacement battery.

Why would you want your coolant to leak?