My 23 KW battery is being replaced

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Got the wrench warning on Saturday. Drove it on Sunday and got it again. Looked up the issue and contacted the dealer on Monday. Took the car in on Monday afternoon. Dealer said they could not start it again and had to push the car around. I got lucky. They indicated the HV battery must be replaced and it's not under warranty. I thought it was a 10-year warranty on the battery but I guess it is 8 years. $13.5k plus $1600 labor. 2013 with 42,800 miles on it. The car is in mint condition but I am letting it go. It's been fun. I donated to charity and it will be sold as-is.
Yep disposable car after the 8 year warranty :(

If mine is going to fail it better fail within the next 10 months before the warranty expires on my '14.
It seems these Focus batteries only last about 60,000 miles. There is no warning beforehand, just a message when it dies and leaves you stranded. They no longer make replacement batteries. Ford does not honor the warranty. We've been offered $500 for our 6 year old car.