Lets take a poll, who has the most miles/years on their FFE?

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Jun 20, 2016
Like it says in the tittle, lets sound off, there's a lot of debate about battery life but watts the best case scenario?
I have a 2015 with 40K miles. I have no idea how to check the % of battery degradation tho.
2017 with 18k miles. ETC is about 27.9 KW. I thought it was about 29KW in 2019, with 3k miles. So a loss of 1.1 KW over about 5 years and 15k miles. What is that, 1.1/29? Or about 4%.
114K currently on a 2012, new larger battery on warranty in 2018. I think it went in around 60K. Currently around 26kWh (full charge EtE varies day to day). So around 10% after 55K miles and ~6 years.

Sadly the regen tracker tops at 9999, though I think the internal value is still incrementing.
My 2017 has 73,000 miles. You can check battery capacity using Forscan and OBDLink EX.
2014 FFE. 108,500 miles. New battery under warranty due to coolant leak in battery compartment in 2019. Still going strong!
We have a 2017, now with 51,771 miles on it. Currently around 27.3 kWh. Original HV battery, we bought the car new (in late 2017), and have been the only owners.
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As is see all submisions have 33kwh packs. Mine 2014 still rolling in europe. Done 80k miles with 24kwh pack. Remaining usable capacity is around 15kWh :D
I'm waiting for leak in a battery. Had to open lower battery pack once, becouse of aluminum connector pad corrosion.


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Got my 2017 FFE in November that year and am a week or two away from hitting 145,000 km (about 99,100 mi).

Still getting close to the same range on a full charge as when new. It seemed to be dropping about 3% per year, but this past summer had many days starting with more than ever on the GOM (which I suspect was partly from moderate summer temperatures and partly from some better driving practices resulting from trying to her a better score to save on insurance).
We are at 92950 on a 2013 FFE, original battery, no major work done, in fact no work done at all (NIC tires, inflation, wiper blades, 12v battery replacement (?), dealer check-ins, custom parking lot bodywork). Purchased locally at ~85K in late 2022. Prior ownership & driving habits largely unknown. Prior charging behavior unknown, though it did come with a nearly new stock L1 charger.

Currently in our coastal CA winter, 65 to 68 on the GOM, while in summer it shows 72 to 77. For my main purposes, a 30-mile commute involving 75% of driving time above 45MPH, I get a real range of 55 in winter and up to 65 in summer. The only energy-consumptive accessories I typically use are the defrost (low temp, only when needed) and the seat heater.

There's a small windshield leak on the driver's side, and occasionally the backup camera doesn't work in wet weather. No other electronic gremlins or hiccups. It never had the 3G modem upgrade, so it is not visible in the FORD app. No changes in coolant level, and it's the original coolant. I'm hesitant to have it changed: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"

That sound you hear is me knocking on wood.
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