Highway Test, 30 MPC

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Mar 13, 2021
I started an earlier thread asking if I should return my car, as it had a few mechanical issues. I read here of others doing a real-world highway test, and I did it this evening.

- Headlights On
- Light acceleration
- Remote started car, plugged in
- 45 Degrees out

I got about 30 miles out of it from fully charged. I think that alone has convinced me to return it. Though I will say that I really don't want to, such a fun car and hits all of the marks for me.

Well, it's been short but a blast to drive, take care folks!
* Note: I put in a 50A/240v outlet in the house and have a 240v/40a charger, so it had plenty of power to remote start and pre-heat.
Oh my dog! Only 30 miles? Yeah, something is wrong with that battery. Return it. Defective battery.
Ya, i got rid of the car. I am looking at another with 27k instead. I really was impressed with the look, styling, driving, and power of the car. Its a fun one for sure. Hopefully, this one will be better.