Does anyone need new spare original tires for a FFE?

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Dec 23, 2012
western Colorado
Living at high altitude where I need snowtires for safe driving, I'm about to install top-rated Michelin X-Ice Xi3 snowtires, which are virtually identical (including Green X-family low rolling resistance) to the factory original tires but are great on snow and ice and reportedly quite good in summer.

Because I drive rather little and we have two seasons here, not-so-jokingly called Winter and July, it's not worth my doing seasonal tire changes, so I want to resell the four factory original Michelin P225/50R17 Green X summer tires for best offer. They list on for $168 each plus shipping, or $763 for a set of four delivered to western Colorado. Although I doubt the Michelin warranty transfers from the original car purchaser (me, for my '13 FFE bought 31 Dec 2012), these tires are almost new, with under 65 miles on them (just to get them home from the delivery point and then back to the garage for the tire change), so they're worth most of that, minus the shipping cost to you. I think, but haven't checked, that the 2012 FFE's tires are identical to the 2013s.

Please reply, preferably by private message here, with your proposed shipping method from near Aspen CO (say, ZIP 81611), your estimated shipping cost, and your offered price including reimbursement of that shipping cost. I'll give preference to offers for multiple over single tires—ideally for all four together. Thank you!