Datasheet/specs for cells?

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Mar 15, 2022
I'm pulling individual cells out of my dead FFE's pack for DIY projects. This is what's printed on the side of the cells:


I've been trying to find more info on them (specifically: Capacity and C Rating). They look almost identical to this 15Ah model:

Even the alignment/configuration of the print and barcodes is identical, both have "LGX P1," but the one in the link has a "5A" printed next to that. Not sure what that means, and no mention of a C Rating on the one I found.
I don't remember if the rated nominal cell voltage is 3.6 or 3.7 volts. Either way you can calculate the cell capacity based on the known pack capacity.

Pretty sure they are 15Ah cells. Since there are 430 cells in 86s5p.
3.6V x 86 = 309.6V
at 15Ah a parallel group would be 75 Ah
so 309.6V *75Ah = 23,220 Wh = 23kWh
If you take nominal cell voltage to be 3.7V it's 23,865 Wh

Back calculating for the 33.5 kWh pack:
33,500kWh/309.6V = 108.2Ah /5 = 21.64 Ah per cell

If you take the cell voltage as 3.7:
33,500kWh/318.2V = 105.28Ah /5 = 21.05 Ah per cell