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Aug 2, 2022
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Does anyone know how to clear a no longer existing alert in FordPass?

Almost two weeks ago I got a low tire pressure alert when my wife was out with the FFE. She added air to the tires and the dash light cleared, but the FordPass alert remained.

After she was home I checked the pressure on all tires and adjusted as needed. There was a slow leak with one tire, so the car was taken into our mechanic and it was repairable.

It's been a week since the repair and FordPass is still showing the alert. There is no delete or clear option when it is opened. The only choices are to view details under "What is happening?" or "What should I do?", as well as a "Call Dealer" button.

The other day I got out my laptop and fired up Forscan to see if some code needed clearing, but nothing showed up.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Knowing my luck, now that I've posted this, it will clear in the next 24 hours, like the "Oil Change Needed" alert I got back in January. 🤷
But I did an oil change when I got that alert.
i replaced the transmission fluid.
Couldn't hurt.

Yeah, the fluid looked ok and I could not see any metal on the magnet.
But, it didn't cost much and I thought, what's it gonna hurt?

The gearbox did quiet slightly, but not enough to say that it was quieter.
And I did not know what the fluid would look like before I drained it, so its not like I could put the fluid back in after it mixed with dirty oil already in the drain container.