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NightHawk said:
How was your experience regarding the Chevy Bolt rear cargo storage space vs the FFE?
I'm also anxiously awaiting the upcoming Hyundai Kona EV later this year, looks like it could give the Bolt competition.

The battery for the Bolt is under the frame (like it is for the Tesla's) and under the rear seat. Thus there is no intrusion into the rear like the Focus. (Didn't think to snap a photo back there.) We had with us two standard size pieces of luggage (approx 30" X 20" X 12") only one would fit in the back, we had to put the other in the back seat--good thing there was only 3 of us ;). I'd say there is more room back there than the Focus, and more than my C-Max has (simply because its taller).

I've been following the developments of the Kona as well (seen a few good videos of it at the Geneva car show on youtube). Given the timing for myself I don't think think a Kona will be available to me here before my lease is up (and now that I've driven the Bolt I might pick one up early--I did like it a lot).
I am 6' 3" and 240 lbs and bolt is fine and very comfortable.
Also more leg room in the back.
Cargo also larger.
I do not miss having switched from Focus to Bolt (and Tesla X).
This excellent video review from a Bolt EV LT owner in Maine was put today.
Shows the screens and several of the features in real time during a drive: