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New member
Nov 20, 2019
I have a problem with a newly imported car from the USA - Focus BEV 14.
After connecting the charger, the circle around the charging connector blinks, entering the settings and charging information is information Fault. The car had a disconnected 12V battery during transport. In addition, I discovered three blown fuses under the hood: F18 (20A), F15 (30A), F13 (40A).
The car normally drives.
I tried to charge with a 230V charger - newly bought:

Please help! :-(
F13 is the on-board charger. You'll have to look up in the electrical service manual to see what that protects. The other 2 fuses don't seem relevant. F15 is unused and F18 is the wiper motor.

Does the car charge under some you are saying that it drives?

You might try another "charger" in case there is some communication compatibility with the on-board charger.