Battery behind rear seat?

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New member
Jan 29, 2024
I am aware of the battery under the rear seat (upper battery) and the one under the car ( lower battery) but there appears to be another battery behind the rear seat taking up space in the back. Is this something that others are aware of? Thanks.
Yeah, the rear/upper battery is a double decker. Half lives in the trunk and half under the car. The lower battery is under the rear seat. I've never been able to get pictures embedded on this site, but here is a link to try. I put together a schematic that will help visualize how they are connected.
Does anyone know what the lithium ion battery is called (model number, or however a parts person would know what I’m asking far).
I would like to scout around and see if I can find a newer battery for my 2014 Forf focus.
Any suggestions appreciated