Bad APIM in my 2013 FFE - what are my options?

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Dec 11, 2014
Hey folks! My 2013 FFE has been regularly draining the 12V battery and having Bluetooth issues. Once the radio locks up, the only way to keep the battery from draining is to pull the radio fuse.

The car also doesn't accept charging schedules. When the dealer tried to check the software on the APIM, they couldn't even connect to it.

The dealer says the APIM is bad (as do the other posts on this board) and wants to charge me $1300 for a new one. Ouch! I declined.

What I'd like to hear from you: any reason I shouldn't or couldn't consider buying an APIM elsewhere that supports Sync 3? It certainly doesn't sound smart to pay $1300 just to get the same old slow Sync 2.

Is this work I could do?
I replaced my Sync 2 APIM in my 2012 with a Sync 3 model and I would never go back.

You need a new screen since Sync 3 requires multi touch capability, but you can replace all of it for less than half that price if you're not looking for brand new parts.

You can absolutely do the swap yourself as well - there is no reason to pay for labor though you have to make sure the hardware is flashed to work with your VIN.

The guy that did mine had not programmed for the electric before so he couldn't guarantee it would work, but it was just fine. Pretty sure my APIM came from a 2018 expedition.
What Anti_Climax said.

I posted a guide somewhere on here on how to do it. mine came from an 18 escape. You can reprogram it all yourself if you have an ODBII dongle and forscan. I liked the Lincoln color scheme so I set the options for that and I set it to have the Mustang startup screen. It shows the Lincoln shutdown screen since i have the Lincoln color scheme enabled... LOLz.

I still have a non-NAV Sync 3 unit with a slightly blemished screen I'd be willing to part with. I think it has the RS startup screen enabled and is already configured for the FFE.

Where are you located?