2017 Ford Focus EV 12v battery keeps dying.

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Jun 22, 2024
Hi everyone, 1st post

Have a 2017 ford focus ev. The 12v battery keeps dying, even after I replaced it. Have to boost it daily to start.

Took it to Ford and they told me there must be a parasitic drain but could take 40 hrs (@$150/hr) to diagnose. Car isn't even worth that much

Any advice to find the drain would be appreciated
The Ford dealer lied to you to make you go away. Because it is an EV, they are afraid to work on it. If it took them 40 hours to find a parasitic draw on an ICE Focus, they would be shit diagnosticians.
Finding a parasitic draw is not that difficult, and if you have a good multimeter ($50) and a DC clamp ammeter ($50) you could do it yourself. You can do it with just the multimeter, but the ammeter can make the job easier.
I discovered that a parasitic draw was in my 2017, from the vacuum pump relay not seating correctly. If you open the under hood fuse box, the relay is the black cube in the upper left corner. Press that down into the socket firmly. Mine was not firmly seated.
YouTube has plenty of videos explaining how to find a parasitic drain.
Good Luck.
thanks. Took it Canadian Tire (national chain in Canada), spoke to the mechanic and said the same thing. Got a call an hour later from the manager "sorry we don't touch EVs"
There are simpler and faster ways, but this is the best way for all the reasons explained in the video.
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