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Sep 1, 2019
Everywhere I look I'm told the hitch advertised won't fit my vehicle. Seems to be difficult to find one for an FFE, I guess the chassis in the back must be different from the gasoline-powered Focus hatchback to accommodate the battery. I've seen older posts here about trailer hitches for this vehicle. Some of posts mentioned Torklift Central as having one that "bolts right on to an FFE," but when I left an inquiry with them they responded (automatically no doubt) that they never sold one for my vehicle. I suspect they mean my vehicle & model year, which in all likelihood makes no difference. If anyone reading this has bought a hitch from Torklift Central or anywhere else, please let me know the model number, etc. It's the 3-day weekend now, hoping to get some information so I can call them next week.
Not sure what the difference is for fitting a hitch from 2015 on, but this one should actually be designed for the electric and not the gas version


I will say that the larger battery doesn't change the underside/exterior as it was a drop in replacement for my 2012. My guess is the low volume of vehicles didn't warrant them rechecking fitment for every year.
Tell you all what - I'm interested in getting a hitch for my 2012. I can post some pics of the underside for others to compare to the 2015 and beyond.

If it looks like nothing of consequence changed and the same hitch will fit, someone pick it up and try it on their newer model. If it doesn't fit, I can buy it off you and use it on my 2012.
I have the torkliftcentral.com hitch. It will fit all FFE's There were no structural changes in the back with the '15+ They just didn't bother to verify fitment with the later FFEs. The only differences in the back were the tail lights and different bumper cover to accommodate the smaller tail lights on the '15+.
I juste bought a 2017 FFE ans I am now looking for a trailer hitch for a bike rack.
Anyone has been able to encounter one that fits?

As noted earlier in this thread, the torkliftcentral offering fits all model years.

Arrived yesterday, and I installed it today.
I took my time and did it methodically.
Did not need to raise the car, but did use a jack to help hold the hitch in position.
Used 14mm and 17mm deep sockets and a torque wrench.
To help with the fishing wire, I also used a hooked pick, but you could use a bent paper clip.
The hitch seems to be of sufficient quality. Pretty beefy actually.The welds were good, not excellent, but good enough for the job.
The powder coating was excellent, and the fit was almost perfect.
I do not know if earlier FFEs are different from a 2017, I had to dremel a small slot on each side of the car, to accommodate a flange on the hitch.
The alternative was to cut the flange, but the car sheet metal is about 1/16 inch thick, while the hitch flange is over 1/4 inch thick, so the sheet metal was faster.
The sheet metal cut was non-structural, and actually excess in manufacturing.
Overall, it looks good, and I am waiting on a wiring kit.
Just ordered a Euro mount and ball combination.
A Curt 56273.
Its for a 2015-2018 focus hatchback. I have a 2017 FFE.
I haven't tried installing it yet, so I don't know if I made the right decision. Been too busy, and not towing anything soon.
The kit requires a battery positive wire to be installed, but I think I will wire up something to the fuse panel in the rear.