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Jul 11, 2020
Denton, TX
So, I loaned my 2017 FFE out to someone for a week and it has turned out to be a total nightmare. They ran the car completely dead (both the HV and the 12v) and left the car some place where it then got hit (luckily not to badly). It took me a few days to get a Tow Truck to get the car back to my normal dealership, and then weeks fighting with their insurance company to get repairs started. I now have the car back and it is behaving VERY strangely. Before this incident the Guess O Meter regularly showed between 85 miles of range and 130 miles of range. (Car has 65K miles on it) now I have had it back for about 4 days and driven about 200 miles and the guess o meter will not show above 50 miles of range. The same thing happens pretty much every time. In the first 30 miles the battery % Charged goes from 100% to about 65%, and then from 30 miles until about 50 miles the % charged drops like crazy where every 2 miles the % charged drops nearly 10%. I have an appointment to bring it back to the dealer on July 8th, but any ideas would be helpful. I don't understand how one incident of draining the battery can cause this much damage.
Sounds like you might have a cell that got kicked over the edge. You should be able to see the individual cell voltages as you discharge and confirm if one is misbehaving. If you leave it plugged into L2 for an extended period it supposedly begins a balancing routine that tries to normalize the charge of each cell group, but I haven't seen much to support that.