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Sep 12, 2021
Im debating between buying these 2 cars for my wife. Average commute is 50 miles round trip.

1 - 2014 Focus EV 51k miles - Price is $8k
2 - 2016 E-golf 40k miles - Price is $13k

I like the 2014 Focus EV price, but wonder that if they had any problem at all.

My philosophy is to NEVER own a German car off warranty. Unless you gotta "guy".

My 2010 Mini has a "guy" :)

Would think it would be difficult to find a guy who can work on an e-Golf.
If the battery is good and the range is comparable, I'd say the Focus - but I know a few folks that have had eGolfs and loved them.

I'd guess fast charging might also be an option on the eGolf if that sways things at all.
What's the trim on the e-Golf? If it's an SE you'll be missing out on cruise control (and some other features). The SEL adds cruise, leather, LED headlights, heat pump, and some other stuff that's not coming to mind. Personally I wouldn't pay that much for an SE, but I'd consider it for the SEL. Focus just had the one trim so that's simpler.

2016 e-Golf pros: maybe fast charging (CCS standard on SEL/optional on SE), longer EPA range (in 2016 it was about 85mi vs about 75mi for the Focus), newer means probably less battery degradation, full cargo availability (didn't give up any room for battery like the Ford did), and personal likes for me are Android Auto/Apple Carplay and the analog gauges.

2012 FFE pros: cheaper, remote start on the key fob, liquid cooled battery (should hold up better in hot weather)
But in the downside the focus is much older and either already out of the 8yr battery warranty or will be very soon.

Personally, I'm considering between a 2017 Focus Electric and a 2016 e-Golf SEL both listed at $16000. That's a much closer comparison in my opinion. For 2017+ the Focus got a bigger battery rated over 100mi range, Android/Apple Carplay, and standard CCS fast charge port. The e-Golf still has the heat pump advantage so it loses less range to the heater in winter, and a much bigger cargo area. I'll go with whichever seller is willing to come down more on price.
What area are you in? That commute in cold climates might be iffy with the 2014 model, as range decreases substantially in winter. And I'm going to be super sexist here, but in my experience women don't tolerate inconvenience with automobiles. She's not going to be happy rolling into the driveway with < 5 miles remaining because it was cold and the heater was running. I highly suggest a 2017 Focus, Ioniq Electric, or a Bolt. The 2018+ Leaf should handle it too, even with degradation. I stay away from German automobiles. Nice cars, but too many horror stories about repair costs to own one outside of warranty.