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Aug 15, 2019
Hello I bought this 2013 Focus Electric with 44k from MN at insurance auction. Previous owner had an "incident" in it that left 2 holes in the roof. Insurance company totalled car but still has clean title marked 75% damage/value. Exterior is white and cloth grey interior. Car had 2 stains (1 floor 1 seat) but had professional biohazard cleanup whole interior and interior is stain free now. I bought a used cord from Ebay and had a key cut and fob programmed because this car didn't come with either. I had planned on getting roof fixed (300-500) and converting title but have too many projects. Everything works and have driven it often. I will sell for 5,000.
Contact me at 773 879-zero681 or rowekmr(at)aol.com

Update roof was repaired by Ford lead body man. Now I have clean IL title in my name. Price adjusted to 5500
Sorry forgot to update this thread. I ended up titling it in my name (clean title) and fixing roof then a buyer found me through CL locally a few weeks ago.