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Re: FFE not charging completely

jgFFE wrote: Sun Sep 18, 2022 1:12 pm It has been charging reliably over the last few weeks ever since I started changing the charge setting to Charge Now (I have to do this daily in the charge settings menu). At this point I am leaning towards the charge time settings in the car are the causing the issue. I believe that the 3G modem not able to communicate with the Ford network is part of the problem. I am setting the car each day to Charge Now and I have my charger controlling the actual time of day charging. It is inconvenient but working. Thanks!!
AT&T shut down 3G in Feb (think I have that right). My car value charged just fine until Ford broke it with the 4G modem upgrade.

So it should not have to talk to the mothership to value charge.
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Re: FFE not charging completely

Official shut down was going to be Feb 22. I believe that was pushed back to March 22, but they didn't just flip a switch. Devices got turned off for real in June but Ford could have killed the SIMs whenever they wanted.
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