You can’t charge your Ford Focus Electric at Walgreens

A few days ago, Walgreens announced it’s plan to install 800 electric vehicle charging stations at its drugstores by the end of 2011.

Great news for electric vehicle owners, but not great news for potential owners of the upcoming 2012 Ford Focus Electric. According to Ford’s manager of environmental communications, ‘The Ford Focus Electric is focusing on Level 2 charging’. Now Walgreens didn’t specify whether or not their stores would get level 2 or level 3 chargers, but in order to be the most convenient for Electric Vehicle customers, they will need to go with the Level 3 chargers.

The Ford Focus Electric will be able to ‘quick’ charge in about 3 hours with a level 2 charger – that’s longer than I ever want to spend in a Walgreens Drug store!

There’s no gaurantee that the Ford Focus Electric won’t come with a level 3 charging option, but even if it doesn’t, the Ford Focus Electric will charge twice as fast as the Leaf on a level 2 charger (this of course based on facts we knew about the Ford Focus Electric almost a year ago – and are bound to change by the time the Focus Electric is available).

Nissan Leaf charging at Walgreens

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