Where is the Power of Choice tour?

Ford's Power of Choice tour

There have been murmurs in the media for months about Ford’s Power of Choice tour. This is the same tour that showed the fake Ford Focus Electric in West Michigan: http://www.myfocuselectric.com/ford-takes-real-ford-focus-electric-to-west-michigan/

Now, we read on the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy blog that Ford’s Power of Choice Tour is happening nation wide and is “designed to profile Ford’s most fuel efficient and electric vehicles” which of course includes the 2012 Ford Focus Electric.

The blog lists 2 locations: Wilmington NC on Tuesday November 15th, and Charlotte NC on Thursday November 15th. 2 locations doesn’t give us a great impression that this is really a country wide tour worth looking out for, but we were delighted to see the Clean Energy blog had a link to Ford’s Power of Choice Tour. If you click on the link, you’ll be greeted with the same screen we were – Ford’s press release site filtered by articles relating to electric vehicles.

The hunt continues, but there seems to be more questions than answers about Ford’s Power to Change tour.

UPDATE: A concerned reader sent us to this page: http://media.ford.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=34429 which is a press release from back in April that still has nothing to do with the Power of Choice tour, but the push by Ford for Electric Vehicle Readiness across the U.S.


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